Photo Manipulations

Face Illusion

What do you see?

What inspired you to create the illusion? What I wanted to achieve with my picture was to create a picture that the viewer has to think about and take his time to figure it out first. In addition to that my goal was to publish an unique picture people have to think about and interpret it the way they want to.

How does it work? How did you create it? To make the illusion i took two pictures: One portrait and one profile. The illusion came up after I arranged the pictures of two angles of my face, so that the viewer has an impression of seeing the exact same person from two points of view.

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Published on the website of the british newsletter “The Telegraph”. (2016)
Furthermore I was published due to this picture on a lot more websites like “Focus Online“, “Huffington Post” and ““.


Exhibited at the “Photokina”, the world’s major trade fair held in Europe (Cologne) for the photographic and imaging industries.

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